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The Herm Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip models also have a durable and long-lasting rubber cover for an even better fit and an attractive look.

The Ultra Fit Extra Grip are a spur that fits perfectly on your riding boots. It’s unique fit and design eliminates pressure and movement thus providing correct spur performance and protection of the boot leather.

47521_000 neck size 20mm
47525_100 neck size 25mm
47525_000 neck size 25mm
47531_000 neck size 30mm
47535_000 neck size 35mm
47535_100 neck size 35mm

With 39 different models SPRENGER offers a wide range to suit individual requirements, if you do not find what you are looking for on our site please contact us direct.

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47521_000, 47525_000, 47525_100, 47531_000, 47535_000, 47535_100

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