The Arena glove

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The Arena is an elegant & practical choice riders. Made from water repellent Capeskin Leather it is available in a wide choice of colours. The velcro strap ensures a secure and snug fit.

The standard equestrian colours for this glove are generally black, brown, navy, tan & sunshine but all colours are available.

This glove is made with “Quirks” — Small diamond shaped pieces of leather sewn at the base of the fingers, where they are attached to the hand of the glove to improve the fit

Made in England

The measurements shown below are taken from the palm side of the hand in Inches. All measurements are approximate and will vary slightly due to leather movement and stitching allowances.

For details on measurements A – F please refer to our FORM

Additional information


6.5", 6", 7.5", 7", 8.5", 8"


black, chocolate brown, navy

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